Explosive Revelations: Wells Adams on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Truth Box Aftermath – Emphasizing the Importance of Honesty

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Each week, Bachelor in Paradise bartender/de facto therapist Wells Adams will provide his thoughts on the week’s most outrageous beach events. This week, Wells sends an email with his opinions on Sam’s departure, the fallout from the Paradise Truth Box expose, and that cheeky, shoe-stealing puppy.

Poor Sam had to depart due to feces troubles, while Jesse Palmer reported “no movement” by the night of the rose ceremony. Tell me if there’s been any change in her GI health, PLEASE.

WELLS ADAMS: I know, I feel terrible for Sam! People have left Paradise for a variety of reasons in the past, but this one is really bad! Do I know if she poop or not? Yes. But I don’t believe I have the right to comment. My butt is closed… sorry, my mouth is closed. You’ll have to keep an eye on things.

Bachelors in Paradise

We met Coco the dog this week. Tell us more about Paradise’s shoe-stealing mascot!

Diego, the resort’s owner, is a really pleasant person. That’s his canine companion. As a result, he runs that beach. Both metaphorically and literally!

Peter took a chance by telling Olivia he’d prefer she didn’t go on the date, and Aaron did the same with Eliza — but the women went regardless. Do you still believe it was preferable for Peter and Aaron to be honest rather than deliver the conventional “I don’t want to stop you from getting to know people” response?

My advise to beachgoers is to always be truthful. If you don’t want to go on a date with someone, you should say so! Many Bachelor Nation members have tried to play it cool in the past, but it usually comes out as “Well, I guess they don’t like me that much because they don’t care!” In defense of the women, I believe it is still early in the season to see what else is available. Also, those dates are so much fun that it’s difficult to say no.

Do you think Eliza would have declined the date with John B. if she had known Aaron described her as the fig jam to his charcuterie board?

Who could forget such romantic quotes as:

  • “Doubt thou stars do are fire; Doubt thou the sun doth move; Doubt truth be a liar; but never doubt love.” — Shakespeare
  • “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” — The Beatles
  • “You remind me of a semisolid liquid boiled to a thick consistency.” — Aaron B.


The mere presence of the Paradise Truth Box sparked interest: Sean made a move on Jess, and Brayden made a move on Rachel. Why do you believe the sheer existence of the Truth Box sparked such interest?

I believe the Truth Box embodies what it is named after: it was time for everyone to be more truthful, not only with others they cared about, but also with themselves. And, believe me, if they didn’t say it, someone else would.

Things became even more crazy when Aaron S. opened the Truth Box and read all of the remarks about Kat. What do you think of Kat’s (loud) reaction?

What I admire about Kat is that she isn’t afraid to express herself. And by “people,” I mean the entire Sayulita countryside!

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