Snoop Dogg’s Game-Changing Revelation: He’s the Global Weed ‘Connect’ on ‘Kimmel

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Last night, Snoop Dogg came on Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed once and for all that he knows the most drug dealers of anyone on the planet. Snoop was asked by host Jimmy Kimmel about the time Mike Epps asked him to help him locate pot in Iceland, and Snoop acknowledged that, indeed, he knows someone who knows someone in practically every place.

“Well, last time I checked I was the plug to your plug,” he replied. “I’m the link. It’s nice to have pals that have buddies who are international and global and can get you medicated and dedicated regardless of where you are.”

Kimmel then rattled off a list of nations that Snoop has visited and asked him if he has a hook-up in each one. Except for North Korea, the rapper said yes to all of them, including Mexico and Ireland. “Oh no,” he exclaimed. “I ain’t got nobody there.” But it turns out that Snoop was mixing up North and South Korea, even though he didn’t have “access” to pot in the south either.

Snoop Dogg and E-40 also talked about the 30th anniversary of Doggystyle and his cookbook on the late-night show. He also celebrates his birthday on Oct. 20, which falls six months after 4/20. Kimmel named the day “Doggfather’s Day” with a formal proclamation and then broadcast various (false) homage video, including from Pope Francis and President Joe Biden.

Snoop Dogg

Credit – Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran revealed earlier this month that he went dangerously high with Snoop Dogg in Melbourne, Australia. Sheeran stated on an episode of Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend that he doesn’t smoke weed very often, but while everyone was hanging out in the dressing room backstage at Snoop’s show, he thought to himself, “I guess at some point during the night, I’ll have to, just to be like, I smoked with Snoop Dogg!” Sheeran eventually accepted the inevitable offer of a toke.

“We’d had a good amount of conversation, so I have a bit, and I’m like, ‘I don’t feel too bad, this is good,'” Sheeran remembered. “So I have a bit more, I have a bit more, I have a bit more.” “Oh my god, I just remember looking at him and being like, ‘I can’t see right now!'” Sheeran smiled as the audience groaned in recognition of such a blunder.

Snoop Dogg collaborated with Chris Stapleton and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana in September to rework Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” for ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

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