Justin Timberlake Urges a Focus on ‘Evolving’ Over Dwelling on His Past with Britney Spears

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Justin Timberlake is attempting to ignore the reality that his relationship with Britney Spears is once again in the press and public dialogue. Timberlake’s emotions were revealed to Entertainment Tonight after Spears confessed in her biography, The Woman in Me, that she became pregnant while dating him in 2000 and had an abortion because he was not ready for motherhood.

“Justin Timberlake has been focusing on his own family and trying not to be concerned with Britney’s memoir,” a source added. Justin has tried to be supportive of Britney from afar in recent years. They dated so long ago, but he still admires her. Instead of bringing up the past, Justin and Jessica want everyone to develop and evolve.

Spears, who dated Justin Timberlake from 1999 to 2002, beginning when she was 17, wrote in her memoir about her conflicted feelings about terminating her pregnancy. An excerpt from the section was published in People today, ahead of the book’s release on October 24.

Justin Timberlake and Britney

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“It was a surprise, but it wasn’t a tragedy,” Spears said of finding out she was pregnant. “I adored Justin,” she wrote. “I always thought that we would someday start a family. This would just be far sooner than I had anticipated. But Justin was displeased with the pregnancy. He stated that we were far too young and unprepared to have a baby in our lives.

I agreed not to have the baby, and I’m sure people will despise me for it, she said. “I’m not sure if that was the best decision.” I would never have done it if it had been up to me alone. Nevertheless, Justin was adamant that he didn’t want to have children.

Both Spears and Timberlake have other children: Spears has two kids with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, while Timberlake has two sons with Biel.

Before the passage was published, multiple sources informed Page Six that Timberlake was “concerned” about what Spears said in the book about their relationship. According to one person, “He’s very curious what she’ll reveal about their relationship.” “It’s eating at him.”

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