Louise Glück's Poetic Journey Ends at 80

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She won 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate

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Jonathan Galassi, Glück's longtime editor said "Her work is immortal"

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Glück's poem "The Wild Iris" explores life and death from a flower's perspective, redefining beauty.

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Tess Taylor, Poet "Louise's voice was entirely unique"

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Louise Glück received numerous accolades, including the Pulitzer Prize, National Humanities Medal, and National Book Award.

Credit : Katherine Wolkoff

Glück's impact extended beyond her own work as she mentored and nurtured young poet

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Born in 1943, Glück faced numerous rejections but persisted, returning to poetry and inspiring other

Credit :  Katherine Wolkoff

Louise Glück's legacy in the world of literature will continue to inspire generations of poets and readers.

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